Ronnie Raymond worked at S.T.A.R. As an actor, Ronnie Turner is most famous for the 1993 film What’s Love Got To Do With It. Looking at the IMDB there is no record of him making anything from 1962. Ronnie Raymond has mostly worked in English and has worked in languages like English. Aus? Ronnie Raymond. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. He passed away January 26th aged 68. ( see photo HERE ) ` I would like to either interview, speak to, or otherwise communicate with, Actor Ronnie Raymond about his experience as a child actor during the early 1960s. Ronnie got several siblings from his mother’s past marriage. The other answerer has said that he is on facebook, and there is a Ronnie Raymond comes up on search but it is not the same chap as you are asking about. June 17, 1951 - December 27, 2004 Plant a tree. (Lead lady was Margaret Rutherford.) Though he is no stranger to fame nor the entertainment industry, the musician, actor, and realtor prefers to live his life under the radar. Moreover, Ronnie’s own sibling’s names are Turner Ike Turner Jr, born October 3, 1958, and Michael Turner, who was born February 23, 1960. The siblings spent significant amount of their childhood in the sets of 'Everybody loves Raymond.' ... Actor-comedian Orson Bean, 91, hit and killed by car in LA. Do you know ANYTHING about 1960's child-actor, Ronnie Raymond? Child Actor When Ron was 18 months old, he made his first appearance in the movie ‘Frontier Woman’ in 1956. We miss how you always lit up a room with your smile. ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ child actor Sawyer Sweeten commits suicide. Sullivan Skye Sweeten was born on the 12th of May, 1995 in Brownwood, Texas, USA. When Ronnie was still a young boy, his mother left the large reservation to escape her abusive husband and took her son with her. Ronnie Raymond. Ronnie Raymond’s mom was “an assortment artiste.” He implemented her and acted from an early on age. Amongst other roles he played young Alex in Agatha Christies Miss Marple Murder She Wrote. Do you know ANYTHING about 1960's child-actor, Ronnie Raymond? Former "Everybody Loves Raymond" child actor Sawyer Sweeten died Thursday at the age of 19 at a family member's home in Texas. Text size. His one major role was a memorable one as we all know, Alexander in Murder She Said RIP reddit. Former "Everybody Loves Raymond" child actor Sawyer Sweeten died Thursday at the age of 19 at a family member's home in Texas. 1961 NR. So let's know more about the child actor, where he is now and some of interesting facts about him. RONNIE RAYMOND No birthday cards today A heartache, a tear, A memory so dear Every day of our lives, we wish you were here. Ronald Renelle ‘Ronnie’ Turner was born in Los Angeles, California USA, on 27 October 1960 – his zodiac sign is Scorpio and he holds American nationality. Sawyer Sweeten, who played one of the young twins on Everybody Loves Raymond, has committed suicide, USA TODAY … A A A. Craig is the child of Tina And Raymond. USA TODAY. Following an off-the-cuff remark from a friend in 1964, he got rid of Ronnie for good, and Christopher Walken was born. Filmography. Ronnie Raymond: 1987 - 2004. See image of Bill Fagerbakke, the voice of Ronnie Raymond in Batman: The Brave and the Bold (TV Show). He was, of course, to leave clowning and a soap career well and truly behind him – and also his own identity. He proved helpful steadily from age range 12 … He worked steadily from ages 12 to 16, when the juvenile roles dried up and he quit acting. Ronnie Dyson (American singer and actor). About Sullivan Sweeten. Hello. Ronnie was born with the name of Ronald Build-the-Fire, a native of the Navajo Nation. 1 . Everybody Loves Raymond child star Sawyer Sweeten died on Thursday of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head, according to The Hollywood Reporter.He was 19. Ronnie Raymond was born on June 19, 20, is Actor. Ronnie has no social media presence. For the Flash episode, see This article is about the superhero. June 17, 1951 - December 27, 2004 Facebook Twitter. Clockwise from bottom left: Michael, Ike Jr. (both sons of Ike and Lorraine Taylor), Ike, Craig Raymond, Ronnie and Tina. ` Does anyone know his whereabouts ( UK? By the age of two, he was cast in his first stage play called ‘The Seven Year Itch.’ Images of the Firestorm / Ronnie Raymond voice actors from the DC Universe franchise. Ronnie Turner is an American actor, also well known as the son of legendary singer, Tina Turner, and musician, Ike Turner. These shots show Ronnie as child star, fooling around at home as a gleeful clown. He attended the Aida Foster Theatrical School and had many juvenile roles in radio, stage, TV, and film. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. Murder She Said (1961) - English Actor. It does look like he is not in the film industry anymore, even IMDB was very scant with its notes about him. Ronnie Turner may not be the most popular from his super famous family yet, but he is quite accomplished in his own right. Does anyone know what happened to the 1960's child actor Ronnie Raymond ? Voiced most times by PJ Byrne, Mark Taylor. View guestbook. He followed her and acted from an early age. He has the power to transmute any element, provided he knows the chemical formula. Sad to report that Aveleyman has former child actor Ronnie Raymond on it's obituary page. Robert Patrick "Robbie" Amell IV (born April 21, 1988) is a Canadian actor and producer. Andrea Mandell. Ronnie is an actor, initially popular for his role in the “What’s Love Got to Do With It” in … Ronnie Dapo - Biography. ??? No videos found. Ronald L. "Ronnie" Dapo (born May 8, 1952) is an American former child actor who appeared in supporting roles in such television series as the ABC/Warner Brothers situation comedy Room for One More (1962) and CBS's The New Phil Silvers Show (1964). Of course, Ronnie’s father continued to pursue them, requiring them to move often and without warning. Labs as the lead structural engineer of the particle accelerator. Raymond was originally killed during Identity Crisis, but restored to life by the White Lantern in Brightest Day. Ronnie Dyson is a popular United States of America American singer and actor who is most renowned for his singer,stage actor,musician,Movie actor,actor. USA? She stated that she felt like she was being watched. His most famous role was in the ‘90s movie What’s Love Got To Do With It that was based on the real-life story of his mother.As a son of celebrity parents, wealth, prosperity and fame came easily to Ronnie. Craig Raymond Turner, standing right, with the rest of the Turner family. Videos & Trailers. Ronnie Turner Wiki Bio. His mother left the family sometime after the accident. Ronnie Raymond's mother was "a variety artiste." Ronnie stands at a height of 1.75m or 175cm. His half brother Craig Raymond was born on October 3, 1958. He followed her and acted from an early age. Check out this page for more updates on Ronnie Raymond. 'Raymond' child star commits suicide at 19. The film which was based on the life of Ronnie’s mother Tina was directed by Brian Gibson. He attended the Aida Foster Theatrical School and had many juvenile roles in radio, stage, TV, and film. He was also the husband of Caitlin Snow, and one half of the transmuted and conjoint meta-human Firestorm. He went to the Aida Foster Theatrical College and acquired many juvenile jobs in radio, stage, Television, and film. Actors and Actresses; If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the FAQ link. ), or what he is doing now, or who his Agent might be, or how to find him ? He portrayed Ronnie Raymond/Firestorm and Ronnie Raymond/Deathstorm in The Flash. While working on the project sometime before 2011, he became romantically involved with Caitlin Snow and in 2013, they got engaged. Ronald is a masculine given name derived from the Old Norse Rögnvaldr., or possibly from Old English Regenweald, see Searle's Onomasticon Anglo-Saxonicum page 397.In some cases Ronald is an Anglicised form of the Gaelic Raghnall, a name likewise derived from Rögnvaldr. Ronnie Raymond is a Actor. Ronnie Raymond is the hero Firestorm, fused with his teacher Martin Stein in the Firestorm Matrix. Events. The latter name is composed of the Old Norse elements regin ("advice", "decision") and valdr ("ruler"). Later, Ronnie, along Cisco and Caitlin, were working on … He worked steadily from ages 12 to 16, when the juvenile roles dried up and he quit acting. He also portrayed the Speed Force showing itself as Ronnie. Ronnie Raymond's mother was "a variety artiste."