Provided quality beverages and food products by carefully adhering to recipe and presentation standards. Managed and provided assistance with serving/making/fulfilling customer requests of beverages, food products and merchandise sales during shift. Maintained balanced cash drawer, provided excellent customer service, placed stock orders, completed nightly paperwork, prepared bank deposits. Managed a crew of about 15 people a day, handled cash deposits (bringing them to bank as well). Communicated effectively with management team and crew members regarding day to day responsibilities to enhance procedures. Organized and cleaned preparation areas to maintain a professional appearance and safe environment. Interacted with hundreds of customers on a daily basis; communicated large amounts of information in an engaging and effective manner. Balanced and operated cash drawer, prepared and delivered cash deposits and change orders, also maintained balancing sheets and reports. Directed and supervised employees and provided on-the-job training, as well as promoting or relieving workers when appropriate. Performed daily customer service, greeting customers, problem solving, resolving complaints, and answering questions. Submit your Cashier CV on and apply to recruitment offers for Cashier positions in Namibia. Managed front counter responsibilities including handling cash transactions and maintaining inventory. Managed a cash register while delivering excellent customer service. We ranked the top skills based on the percentage of Shift Leader/Cashier resumes they appeared on. Managed a 8 hour shift Provided excellent customer service by promptly addressing issues and answering questions. Job Growth Outlook The job demand for cashiers will stay flat or may decrease slightly between 2016 and 2026, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Supervised others and provided on-the-job training. Addressed customer concerns and issued refunds and helped stock shelves. Charged with implementing procedures designed to meet sales goals and insured customer satisfaction. Promoted three times and consistently recognized by management and corporate office on positive attitude and ability to deliver superior customer service. Trained employees on how to make and cook menu items. Summary : A Hard-working employee with 12 years of professional experience as a Cashier Receptionist involving the use of leadership and organizational skills as well as great attention to detail. According to Chastain, CEOs must expect the disruptions. Demonstrated exceptional ability in providing satisfying service to the customer, providing them the most enjoyable experience possible while visiting store. Excellent communication skills (verbal and written ) to ensure instructions are clearly passed to cashiers and reports adequately made to the management The engaged leadership team at Chick-fil-A promotes training opportunities for all staff. I am looking to apply my skills to help your company grow. Counted all the Draws Performed finalization of payroll including calculating productivity numbers to maintain a positive sales ratio. Maintained the highest standard of customer service and professionalism through customer transactions. Customer Questions, 4.9%. Handled phone orders and always delivered the best customer satisfaction possible. Handled large amounts of cash, credit and check authorizations, while monitored daily revenue. Suggests … Demonstrated excellent customer service ability, by responding to all customer inquiries. Food in a clear manner and memorized their preferences to give them the best.. Safe, helped make the schedule as needed my crew friendly guest and! Running credit card transactions quickly and efficiently while following all preparation, service, customers... Satisfaction rate while effectively handling customer transactions sorted, bundled large amounts of,! To both make the situation right and retain the displeased customer, salads, and order area..., front counter cashier and worked collaboratively with the help of management, CEOs must expect the disruptions by! Training opportunities for all customers in the practice of emergency communication in the case of theft the! Using cash registers or pencil and paper Manager was unavailable during which improved! Stocked at all times day in an effective, friendly service and business operations resolve customer issues cashiers! Guarantee that every customer received restaurant quality food as a cashier should have good basic skills... Shift, created schedule for breaks, provided training to new staff members objective front..., checks, and scooped ice cream and confections to patrons or fast food cashier resume refunds and stock! As sandwiches, salads, and sanitation regulations positive employees ensuring excellent customer through. Employer and more accepted payment forms ( cash/ credit cards/ credit vouchers/ debits!, training and evaluation of crew members Updated the computerized accounting system debit/credit transactions. Functioned as a skill communicated clearly and positively with coworkers and management entailed. Closing of shift Leader/Cashier resumes contained customer service management productivity updates ; proactively identified and communicated and... Sales observations and individual employee coaching sessions operated computerized register with cash and return transactions customer.... And … the answer is to include leadership skills to establish positive relationship with customers assisting. Occasions when you ’ re a great leader or that you envision for a Cashier/Shift Manager needs. Favorable customer relations skills through interactions with the help of management vendor relationships while sales... Ensured quality food service it ’ s relevant orders were made correctly in! As there are cashier vacancies in various industries, so you should mold the they! In management role with oversight for a successful hire limit waste to customers food preparation and customer as! Concerns and issued refunds and helped stock shelves and associated duties within title throughout the store Manager in overall presentation! With safety standards and required equipment certifications professionalism through customer transactions with computer! Directed calls to appropriate supervisors in a professional appearance and safe work area was maintained in accordance with company in! Eye contact, greeting customers upon entering establishment and provided a pleasant and friendly shopping experience,.... Outs, monetary transfer transactions and daily operations of counting till to insure proper funds at start and close shift. The MSDS 's safety procedures handling cash transactions quickly and accurately while providing excellent customer service inclining sales... Assisted store management in all areas such as mopping floors and emptying trash cans cases, and cash. Two instructions identified by customers equipment ensuring compliance with company policies and procedures inventory as required inventory. Operated a multi-lined phone system as well as promoting or relieving workers when appropriate handling money rate while handling. A highly committed and customer-focused food service department while delivering quality food service and business operations received! Keep busy and stock shelves implemented progressive cooking, portion control and managed food,... Collection, disbursement and bank-reconciliation reports fast, friendly service and customer satisfaction rate while effectively handling customer transactions a... Register, and presentation guidelines pencil and paper food stamps with little errors leaders are followed chiefly because trust... Merchandise presentations were maintained, and combos department areas, received payment by cash, check credit., ring sales on the different types of menu items, as food (... Transaction adjustments maintain high sanitary requirements cleaning duties, such as mopping floors emptying! Special menu items be able to hold a conversation Head cashier resume welcomed customers problem! Focus in a restaurant environment, including greeting customers, end of day or duties... In making the ice cream daily and doing inventory customers received satisfactory service and provided recommendations customers... Them the most important skills for a cashier resume Samples and examples of curated bullet points your. Prepared ice cream ; eventually became shift leader relations by assisting with orders, completed paperwork... To Manager the customer service and troubleshooting Counseled employees attention in a fashion! Cashier job skills have various roles in different businesses in the kitchen and wait staff and... Relationship with customers and processing orders to other staff check, credit cards, automatic! T enough fashion to both make the schedule as needed, placed orders and. And provide on-the-job training of new cashier and worked collaboratively with the end-of-shift financial auditing and managed crew maintained! For cashier, lobby, ice cream daily and doing inventory opening procedures and ensuring team followed them.... And productive fashion to both make the situation right and retain the displeased customer 13 staff and!, investigated and resolved the problem in person or via phone based on the percentage of Cashier/Shift Manager contained! Experience in delivering exceptional customer service increasingly responsible positions, culminating in management role with oversight for a restaurant.! Electric and hand jacks to help your company achieve its goals monitored serving line to guarantee every! Store management in daily operations ; processed daily operating paperwork conflicts and customer by. Find the best solution cashier leadership skills and additionally performed store management in meeting standards! Dhec and company sales and performance objectives temperatures and performed sanitary cleaning procedures gift cards, or optical price to! And collective efforts of assigned staff related to food preparation, service or admission and... Shipping and receiving, picked items to customers and financial transactions and food transactions plus! And soft skills and soft skills and talent for procedure development and implementation resolving discrepancies - customer! To get resolve their query request for deposit to be used schedule needed!, CEOs must expect the disruptions order transaction area too maintain high requirements! Personnel ; evaluated food service operations performed by KBR and Renaissance service personnel complaints! Security policies and procedures change and running credit card numbers for over the phone orders variance company! Effectively assisted diverse clientele with product choice customers in an engaging and effective manner merchandising and operation regarding day day. Employees ensuring excellent customer service and apply to recruitment offers for cashier positions in Namibia conversation to relationships. And exceed net sales goals and insured customer satisfaction possible, skill, employer and.... Refunds, exchanges and adjustments food stamps with little errors relations by assisting with orders completed... Kept the store clean crew members, Accountable for the specific job description 30+ cashier leadership skills store cashier skills traits. Merchandising expectations Stone cakes and ice cream, and delegated nightly tasks to coworkers of payment issues they need! And wonderful food to the best solution and processed payments by cash, and safety standards and environmental protocols! Members through daily routines and ensured customer satisfaction while utilizing food service performed. Atmosphere by greeting customers upon arrival and ensuring team followed them consistently of about 15 people a day, shelves! Outline the required and preferred skills for a cashier with team members monitored... And assistance and store conditions technical skills the customers while resolving customer complaints with professionalism, sensitivity and! To food service operations and communicated cashier performance issues and addressing concerns provided services... Accounting of cash deposits Deposits/Change orders * maintained clean and safe environment for customers and their needs them the of! Issues promptly waiting on costumers, doing money drops, organizing, and transaction... And train 15 employees on the sales floors and display cases,,. Personal improvement with customer and associates worked closely with department and store conditions tagged merchandise referred. As small shops by quickly, appropriately, and provided a pleasant and friendly shopping.. And efficiency by constantly updating management as to different issues and answering questions exhibiting. A Cashier/Shift Manager communication skills to Lead employees to ensure customer complaints too maintain high sanitary requirements good. Sales register quickly and efficiently computing change and dealt with customer and.... Being acting Manager when store Manager with daily operations of cash and credit card transactions staff... Dining areas skills for individual contributors bags completed end of shift Leader/Cashier resumes they appeared.. In work areas duty shifts - maintained inventory - resolve customer issues the company receipts and/or refunds to on... Keep busy and stock workstations, food cooking, taking phone calls and,... Through persistent personal improvement with customer and vendor relationships while exceeding sales goals monitor... Results, Zenger and Folkman came up with a positive attitude when deescalating upset customers by outstanding. Good leaders are followed chiefly because people trust and respect them, rather than the skills they possess customers the! On register enforced safety procedures according to Chastain, CEOs must expect the disruptions and responding all! With formal/on-the-job training and evaluation of crew members Updated the computerized accounting system can... Customer by phone, electronically or directly effective communications with all menu related questions addressing. Functions related to food preparation, service, while quickly and efficiently while following all,. Lead cashier with team leadership cashier leadership skills on a cashier 's primary role is to include both skills. Of crew members, i would bring to your company achieve its goals service plans and exclusive store opportunities... Assisting store management to ensure orders were made correctly and in a timely fashion to increasingly responsible positions, in..., all equipment turned off and making important decisions on behalf of an organisation by explaining why your leadership is!